Stereo Panorama

This is a true stereo panorama that can be viewed in VR. I filmed this panorama using a standard DSLR (a Canon 5D Mark III) and processed it with a program that I wrote in C++.

Animated Slitscan Experiments

These are experiments with manipulating live-action digital video footage to create an animated slitscan effect. In each animation the source footage is cut apart and reassembled in both time and space. In the resulting images, time moves from left to right.

I wrote a program in C++ to create the animations. The source footage for Stockton Street, Market Street and California Street was shot on a Canon 5D Mark III. The source footage for Powell Street and Clement Street was shot on an iPhone 6.

Gangnam Gang

This is a test animation I made while evaluating the Arnold rendering software in Maya. The characters and animation were made by Mixamo.